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House Extensions
One of the many reasons for adding an extension to your home is for a larger kitchen. This could be to make more space as the family grows, or to make it into more of a focal point for the house and change it into a Kitchen-Diner.
Interior Space Solutions Ltd will provide the ideal home improvement product that quickly expands your living space and adds value to your home. Installed with minimal disruption and time, and complete with a full 10 year insurance backed guarantee for peace of mind.
We will provide a complete service using a single point of contact to guide you through the straight forward process from selection of product through to final installation. We always aim to exceed your expectations and are committed to 100% customer satisfaction.
Building your new Home Extension
Building your new home extension is a process that should take place with minimum disruption to your daily routine. We’re aware that any construction work causes some upheaval, so to reduce your stress levels, we hope the following promise will give you peace of mind:

1. We never forget that this may be our work place but it’s your home and we will
treat it with respect
2. You’ll never hear bad language on site – not from us anyway
3. We’ll keep radio volume to a minimum and we will not smoke in the vicinity of
your home
4. If we need to use the loo in your home, we’ll always ask first … And we’ll always
take our boots off
5. We’ll always be polite
6. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way
7. We’ll take away any waste or left over materials at the end of the job
8. We’ll recycle waste materials wherever possible
9. We’ll make the site secure and tidy whenever we leave
10. We’ll be considerate to your neighbours
11. We’ll make sure that the site is safe at all times
12. When we arrive, we’ll introduce ourselves so that you know who to talk to if there
are any issues
13. We’ll undertake the noisiest elements of the work at the most appropriate times
14. We’ll conduct all our operations in the most energy efficient manner possible
15. We’ll keep dust down to a minimum – and warn you when we’re going to
undertake any particularly dusty activities
16. We’ll remind our workforce of these points before every new job

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